Page last updated 27th April 2020


Email from Karen - sent 26th April 2020

New video compilation on web site

There is new video compilation on the web site, well done to all those who have contributed. It looks great. There are now 4 on there so have a look.

Llandudno 2021

The first wave of invites for 2021 have now gone out. I did get some emails returned undelivered due to inbox being full. I am guessing the email I have is a work email and because you are currently not at work, your inbox is not accepting.

Championships 2020

The date for this is Sunday November 1st 2020. Please keep the date free as all members can enter this event. I will be sending out the entry forms for this shortly.

Competition fixtures

Swim England have now pulled all the licences issued for all fixtures until further notice but certainly not before September 2020. There will be no competitions at all until licences start to be re issued again. It takes at least 3 months to issue a licence, so even Manchester at the end of the year is looking unlikely.

The Swim England statement is on this link Swim England statement

Len Badcock Meet planned for June has now been cancelled (not surprisingly) I received notification yesterday.

Land training

There are plenty of sessions and links to You Tubes on the web site under Gallery now. They have been included within every news email since close down. I have also included a lot of information on previous emails so you should be doing at least 1 hour of exercise every day. You do not have to do it all at once. Those who are regional camp attendees should be following your RMAP, and again you have been given all the tools to do this. Link below for posture exercises - this is on top of RMAP not instead of. Posture Exercises for swimmers

William's Challenge

This is on the gallery for you. How many swim hats can you get on your head (one on top the other) in 30 seconds. Williams managed 6, see how many you can do! Record your effort and send it across to me.

Tasks and Activities

  • Try putting your racing costume on and off - some of you will have grown over the last few weeks so make sure it still fits you. It's not easy at the best of times to get that on and off
  • Try unpacking your swim bag. I am willing to bet some of you still have items in there that shouldn't be or should have been removed some time ago now. Once unpacked, give it a wipe through and an airing
  • Try unpacking and then re packing your kit bag. Do this several times as I know some of you find this really difficult on poolside.
  • Try standing in front of the mirror and do your arm pulls. Look at yourself, are you holding the glide on breaststroke, is the arm coming over with a bent elbow and over the shoulder on front crawl?
  • I am stilll looking for pictures and drawings for the web site.
  • I am still looking for recordings of your exercises. You can be recorded from the back if you do not wish to be identified, or recording of just your feet.
  • How about washing your parents car?
  • How about sweeping the driveway?
  • How about doing that vacuuming or dusting or mopping for your parents?
  • You can tell me about the activites you have been doing.
  • If you have the health app on your phone, it will count your daily steps for you. You should be doing at least 10,000 steps every day. Even I am achieving that and I am at work during the daytime.
Stay Motivated

I know it is difficult to stay motivated and so easy to get fed up and bored. Share your motivation with others. I know everyone is missing swimming.

New land training equipment

I have ordered some new land training equipment to use when we return.

DBS checks

Swim England have announced changes to how DBS checks are being completed. I know this will affect around 3 people at the moment who are going through the process. I am sure you will receive notification of the changes shortly and how you can then proceed with your DBS. I suspect this new process will lead to delay.

We are still closed

We are still closed until further notice.

Previous news email

I had real difficulty in sending out the last news email. It would not send out to any hotmail, Gmail or outlook addresses. It has been uploaded to the web site and it is on facebook if people have still not received it. I am hoping that this one will send out ok.

Take care, regards
Karen Watson
Head Coach - Birmingham Marlins