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The journey home
17th February 2024 14:30

The coach is estimated to arrive at about 3pm.

Coach's report - Day 3
16th February 2024 19:30

A bit late as by the time we settled the last swimmer into bed (Alex J who decided he did not want to go bed until midnight) I was pretty well shattered and needed my sleep

I am using the time, looking after two swimmers in the hotel, who were both on a sanction of not going out this morning with others on their activities of rock shop, beach or park. So I am sitting in the quiet typing this, wondering how everyone else getting on.

Very early morning session yesterday, as we had three sessions to fit in. After our early breakfast, we walked to the pool ( which is starting to take 25 minutes instead of the 15 minutes that we started with on Weds morning) and then completed our swim session.

We returned for breakfast and then looked at what the day ahead was going to bring. Some swimmers were allocated quiet/sleep time in their room, whilst others went on a walk to the first rock shop visit of the camp.

Land training session consisted of groups of 10 and then the younger ones had bubble play in the garden until lunch.

After lunch, we had the second swim session. We completed diving and starts, looking at how to improve our sprint times. We got Alex in the water for his swim session and everyone had a fast pace sessions, with one length sprints.

We had a couple of swimmer lose items – including coats, Hi Vis Vests, Swim Kits and these were are our older teenage swimmers who should know better. Having retuned/found some of these items, only to discover they were back in lost property again by the end of the day. Swimmers were told if they could not look after their belongings, how do they expect to be trusted to go out without supervision in their freetime, as they may lose themselves. Thats seemed to wake up two of them, knowing their freetime was in jeopardy, whereas two swimmers promptly lost further items. Their freetime was revoked and they had to go out under supervision.

We also had to deal with two people who disobeyed the clear instruction of not to play in lift, reminded twice and then turned round and told staff, so what, and what you gonna do about it. They even walked up to the first floor thinking they would not been seen by the staff on the ground floor who were getting ready to go out. Lifts are not toys and unfortunately, by playing the in lift, this resulted in 2 people who cannot use the stairs, becoming trapped on the 3rd floor of the hotel for a long time, whilst the lift was made available again. Hence being in the hotel now, whilst the others are out and about. The only drawback from my point of view is that I cannot take photos of the others at the their planned events, which means you (as in parents) miss out on seeing what your child has been up to to. So the behaviour of two people effects everyone – sorry.

The third swim session was observed by several other swimmers and coaches and teachers and we had starts, turns and finishes. Amelie worked very hard with Lewis showing him how to tumble turn, and Violet worked hard with Michael. Both boys can now turn. Umr, Jamie, Sam, Marijka, Daniel all had their own groups to work with, whilst Anji worked with Alex and I had Clara and Lily, Anna and Josh.

My feet are aching :)


Photos - 15th February
16th February 07:45

Latest set of snaps from Llandudno - Photo gallery - Day 3

Llandudno - Day 2
15th February 07:55

I suppose my day 2 started at 2am – when one swimmer decided that water came out of the tap. No answer to that really so having settled the swimmer back into bed, both Heather and I retired for the night. I was then awoken at 4am by the same swimmer who wanted to know why warm water came out of the tap. Having told him that at 4am was no time to stress over water coming out of a tap to go to back.

We had fun at 6 am breakfast as the waitress was late, meaning Dave and I started it off, in the dark as we could not find the light switch in the kitchen. Using the torch from my phone, we managed to find milk, cereal tea and coffee and we got on with it. The waitress turned up around 15 minutes late and then managed to serve the remainder of the breakfast before we left for the pool.

Good session at the pool with lots of effort and swimming before we returned to the hotel for our breakfast.

We went for a walk along the pier and took lots of photos before returning to the pool for the afternoon session. We had a few worn out people by the end of the day and walk back to the hotel became the longest yet but we looked at the land marks on the way and watched the waves rolling onto the beach.

Today we had to deal with some challenging behaviours, to the point where the child concerned was told to pack his case and he was going to be put on a train back to Birmingham.

Quiz night tonight and well done Josh on a great evening. Once the winner was announced we had supper of hot chocolate and flapjacks before swimmers all retired for the night.

The staff having ensured everyone was settled, spent the rest of the evening in the hotel bar.


Photo gallery - Day 2

Coach's report - Day 1
14th February 12:50

We left more or less on time and had a very quick and easy journey to the Truckstop. We had lunch and the staff had a well earned cup of tea. We then continued on our journey and arrived at the hotel by 2.45pm. Some very helpful swimmers helped to unload the coach, and we all had time to go and unpack in our rooms.

We then went to the beach for an hour, with everyone being allowed to run around, build castles, paddle in the sea, and collect shells and stones. We walked there and back and then had our evening meal. Everyone ate well and had apple crumble for pudding.

We went to the arcade in the evening and spent some time winning tickets and prizes, and playing games. Air hockey was played several times and the wheel of fortune got spun.

After supper of sandwiches, hot chocolate and cookies, everyone had to put their nightwear on and then have a story and play a game. Everyone was in their rooms by 9.30pm although not all were asleep.

Staff had a quiet drink in the bar before doing the night round and everywhere was quiet except for two rooms.

Once they were settled the staff retired ready for in the morning

Everyone had a good first day – busy, but active. Everyone ate well and hopefully will sleep well.


Tuesday photos on the beach
13th February 18:30

Photo gallery - on the beach

13th February 18:20

Everyone has arrived safe and well in Llandudno. They are all having their dinner in the hotel at the moment.

Look out Llandudno - here come the Marlins!
(12th February 2024)

In case you haven't got it, or you've lost it, here's the official News letter

Pick up and drop off is on Rea Valley Drive, Northfield - on the corner of Rea Valley Drive and Ockam Croft.

Please arrive at 10am for the coach pick up.

We aim to return on Saturday 17th February at approx 4pm.