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Learn to swim

Our Learn to Swim programme is very popular and very much in demand. We have introduced a second learn to swim session per week to help meet that demand.

Morris Centre pool

Our home pool at the Morris Centre
Our programme gives both adults and children the opportunity to learn to swim in an environment specifically set up for inclusive swimming.

The sessions are structured to allow for an individual's needs - with a teacher on the side and helpers in the water.

We have 3 learn to swim sessions available. Swimmers can take up places twice a week. Our programme of learn to swim has both qualified teachers and helpers to support with individual needs. Helpers are usually in the water with the swimmer and teacher on poolside. We supply all the required equipment. However, we do ask that swimmers are able to exit and enter the pool unaided, or are small enough/light enough to be lifted in and out. Please note, there is no hoist available at most of the pools we are using. We do not allow parents to be in the water supporting their child within these sessions.

Be aware that a young child starting in any learn to swim programme for the first time can take several weeks before becoming settled or even to get into the water. We actively encourage a lot of play to help with this period.

Adult learn to swim

We have a session available for adults to learn to swim. Currently we are only able to offer this service once a week. There will be helper in the water, if required for this group.

All places must be pre-booked