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Club Championships
(Dated 20th September 2021)

Results from the 2021 Club Championships
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Email from Karen
(Dated 21st November 2020)

Latest News from Karen and the recent Committee meeting

Email from Karen
(Dated 10th May 2020)

News from Karen and a message from Dave Marsh about the AGM

Email from Karen and Steve
(Dated 10th May 2020)

News from Karen and a message from Steve

Email from Dave Marsh
(Dated 2nd May 2020)

Karen's had a week off - so we have words of encouragement from our Chair instead.

Email from Karen
(Dated 26th April 2020)

Lots of things to be doing at home to help you stay many hats can you do?

Email from Karen
(Dated 19th April 2020)

If you didn't receive the email from Karen you can read it here.

Email from Karen
(Sent 4th April 2020)

Below are some links to web site resources that you may find helpful. William and Poppy have been trying out some these and they recommend you give some of them a try. Poppy has been playing with Rainbow bubbles for hours her mum said. Read more...

Email from Karen
(Sent 27th March 2020)

I know people are getting frustrated and agitated at being at home but hoping some of the suggestions below may help to motivate and encourage.

Message from Karen
(Posted 20th March 2020)

Hi All
Following the announcement late this afternoon that all leisure centres are to be closed from tonight, I am sorry but all sessions are now cancelled until further notice.

Please keep checking back for further updates


Email from Karen including boredom busters
(Posted 19th March 2020)

Latest news on cancellations, why we're still open, and our 'exclusive' range of boredom busters for those in need of them.

Risk assessment
(Posted 19th March 2020)

The Committee have made a decision to continue running sessions. A risk assessment has been carried out to support this decision Please read the risk assessment... and follow the advice and instructions contained in the document. Where necessary please explain to your swimmer(s).

Email from Karen
(Posted 18th March 2020)

Here is the email from Karen sent on the 18th March with the latest updates regarding sessions and competitions. Please note the situation can change very quickly. Read more...

Email from Karen
(Posted 17th March 2020)

In case you didn't receive the email, or you've deleted it - here is Karen's email regarding swimming sessions and events - as on 17th March - but please note the situation can change very quickly. Read more...

Llandudno Swim Camp
(Posted 25th February 2020)

The swim camp was run under the auspices of Orion SC. However, the information has been added here to provide an on-going record of the event following organisational changes. Read more...

Sandwell Aquatics Centre
(Posted 24th February 2020)

One of our swimmers helping out with the publicity for the Aquatics Centre. Read more...

Sheffield swim camp - October 2019

A big thank you to William Newton for his report about the Sheffield swim camp. Read more...

Karen's report - Glasgow 2019

We had several Orange Squad swimmers taking part in this event that took place at Tollcross swimming centre in Glasgow. Read more...

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