Page last updated 4th May 2020


Email from Dave Marsh - sent 2nd May 2020

Hi Marlins,

I know that a lot of you won’t know me but I am Dave and I'm chair of Birmingham Marlins. You can find my profile on the website under contacts. As you are aware Marlins is a new club and your committee has worked very hard to get it off the ground. It's unfortunate that so soon after the formation of the club we went into lockdown and are unable to continue teaching and coaching. We did continue for as long as we could, as we are aware that some of swimmers have needs that would prove to be difficult to support without some outlet.

To those of you who are learning to swim we realise that this break is a setback and we will reopen as soon as we are allowed to do so. We believe that everyone should be able to swim as not only is it a great sport which I have been involved in for the majority of my life but it is a great recreation and opens the door to many other sports such as sailing and kayaking.

To those of you who are training for competition, don’t lose heart. I know that it is a difficult time and that many of the goals you were working towards have been cancelled, which is a great disappointment not only to you, but also to your coaching staff. Now is the time to dig in and self-motivate. I realise how difficult this can be, but you need to keep your fitness levels up. As we haven’t got access to water this must take the form of land training. All those who were on the Llandudno Swim Camp and on regional training camps will know what to do. Keep fit and keep flexible. If you need help Karen is available by email. She might not be able to answer immediately, she has a full-time job in addition to all the time she devotes to Birmingham Marlins, but she will get back to you. If you stay fit when the restrictions are lifted you will be in a good position to return to training and you will return to your peak quicker than those who have not trained.

The Paralympics might have been postponed but that only gives you more time to train. Who is going to be the first Birmingham Marlin to bring home a Paralympic gold?

Keep training, keep safe and keep well.

The web site is carrying a lot of compilation videos now - take a look and see what your team mates have been up to over the last few weeks. We only have a few hits, so share with your friends and family, I am sure they would enjoy looking at how Birmingham Marlins is holding up during lockdown.