Page last updated 19th April 2020


Due to an issue within the email system, some of you may not have received this email. We apologise for this and are working to correct the problem.

Email from Karen - sent 19th April 2020

Hi everyone

I am hoping everyone is keeping safe and well. I have spoken to a lot of you over the last couple of week, either by phone, email or Whatsapp, but for those I have not heard from, I sincerely hope you are ok.

Resources and land training

Over the last few news emails, I have included land training routines and some activities. So - not to break the trend, here are some additional links you may find of use.

Thank you to Judy, Julie, Dan and some others who have sent these through

I hope you will enjoy using some of these and please keep sending through your videos. We now have two compilations under gallery on the web site, and some of these are also on our Facebook page. If you do not want your name or even your face on the web site, just send me recording of your feet doing the work or record from the back so you cannot be identified, it is not a problem and always nice to hear from you.

If any of you have any other resources, activities or ideas that you wish to share with others, just let me know and I will include on next news email.

Birmingham Marlins Championships

Our championships are being held on Sunday 1st November at Morris Centre. Entry forms and details will be sent out shortly, but in the meantime, please keep the date free. We will be looking for some raffle prizes for this event, so if you have anything to donate, please keep hold until we re-open. We will also be looking for parental help and support - we cannot run the event without your help.

Llandudno swim camp 2021

The first wave of invites have been sent out. Please check your emails and look in spam (as there are attachments) if you have not received one.

Nutrition and health course

Swimmers aged 16 years and above (must have NI number) and parents. There is a nutrition and health course that you can do, it requires self directed study but it is free and you get a certificate at the end. Always looks good on a CV and on CPD. Just let me know if you want to be enrolled.

Swim Camp Sheffield October half term

Currently, I am still planning on running this camp. I only have spaces for 8 people max on this camp, and parents/carers must attend with the swimmer unless the swimmer is an adult. I only have 2 spare places. Currently booked onto this camp - Scott, Jamie, Brandon, William DanE and Anna E. If you would like some more information let me know. I am looking at trying to book the pooltime for this camp later on this week. Rooms are already reserved at the Metro Hotel in Sheffield.

We are still closed

We remain closed until at least 11th May now, so stay in touch, keep safe and well.


Some of the younger swimmers may like to practice putting on their fins and taking them off by themselves. It is a skill that needs to be learnt, and I know some swimmers are really struggling with this. Try it in the bath or paddling pool as well as on dry land. It will also give you the chance to make sure that your fins still fit you. As the weeks go by, I strongly suspect some of you will be growing. Another practice is to take equipment out and then put back into the kitbag, as again this is a skill that is required on poolside. I am aware that some swimmers rely on parents to do this for them, so get practicing. Part of the ethos of being a member of Birmingham Marlins is that independence skills are promoted as much as possible. You can time yourself and send me a recording. See if you get faster each time, say over 6 attempts.


Morris Centre has recently had walls painted and is looking for some art work to be framed to go into the corridor areas. See what you can come up with - the best pictures will be framed and displayed.

Swimmer of the month

From March 2020, I am introducing a swimmer of the month award - it will go across all groups and ages. For March, the swimmer who achieved this award is Corey Stroud. He has sent through recordings of his land work, art work and I can see he is working hard to remain motivated and committed. He attended sessions in March prior to closure and always turned up smiling and ready to go. He also mastered putting on his fins by himself. Corey will receive a certificate in due course. See if you can be the swimmer of the month for April.

Take care, regards
Karen Watson
Head Coach - Birmingham Marlins