Page last updated 19th March 2020

Email from Karen including boredom busters - 19th March 2020

Group Land Training

Group Land training sessions are now cancelled

Following my meeting yesterday with Swim England, we are cancelling all group land training sessions until after Easter.

The gym facilities between 5pm and 7pm at the Morris Centre remain open for individual use.

When using the gym individuals should wipe down equipment before and after use with the Clean Freek Gym cleaner provided and people should keep a distance using alternate machines where possible.

Risk Assessment

Swim England are aware that we are still open and running (along with several other swimming clubs and leisure centres).The latest advice and guidance can be found on this link

Our risk assessment for our decision to stay open is on the website - please read the risk assessment (there are three pages) and follow the advice and instructions. We are working closely with the Morris Centre and Langley pool to help prevent the spread of infections and to keep both Centres and our club open and running.

Just a reminder that those with an underlying medical condition are advised to stay at home. Please ensure you wash you hands as soon as you enter the changing rooms, shower before swimming and wash your hands when leaving. Do not attend sessions if you are ill, showing signs of illness, if anyone in your household or family is ill.

Boredom busters

For those children who are likely to get bored at home, here are some suggestions to help

  • Can we have some pictures and artwork and written work for the web site and Facebook - title 'Being a member of Birmingham Marlins'. There are some examples that William and Poppy have already done on the news page
  • Can we have 'what I like about swimming with Birmingham Marlins'
  • Can we have some funny stories 'what happened whilst I was swimming'
  • Have a go at home with this land training session. Please adapt as necessary.
  • Those with rollers can complete roller work for at least 10 minutes every day.
  • Those with hair rollers can curl their hair.
  • Those with stretch cords - use these 10 minutes a day.
  • Watch Youtube to help with flexibility whilst at home
  • You can make some models of the swimming pool - using Lego, Knex, resources such as cardboard boxes, string etc and take a photo and send it to me. There is a photo of Morris Centre pool on the web site under learn to swim.
  • Make a Birmingham Marlins cake (if you can obtain the ingredients) and take a photo before eating it
  • Make a Birmingham Marlins cake (if you can obtain the ingredients) eat it and send us a photo of the crumbs
  • Send me a video of you completing your activities (keep it short)
  • Create a theme song for Birmingham Marlins (keep it short) video yourself singing it and email it across to me. (I cannot upload anything more than around 30 seconds long)
How clever is this

Can you think of any ingenious tricks to help out?

Watch this

Guess the baby name

Can all swimmers/members please bring 50p to their next session

We are running a 'guess the baby' name competition for 50p a go. If you get the name correct, you will win half the pot of the money raised. If no one guesses the name then the full amount will be put into funds.

You can have as many goes as you wish and it will probably help to know that the baby is going to be a girl

Open until the baby is born, due next month.

Yes it's Anna baby and she does know we are running this and has promised not to tell anyone the chosen name until after she has the baby.

Anna is currently in isolation so cannot swim due to her condition and we wish her well at this time. I spoke to her yesterday, and apart from the boredom of being stuck at home, she is well.