Page last updated 17th March 2020

Email from Karen - 17th March 2020

Hi All,

Birmingham Marlins will be continuing to provide as many sessions as possible in line with our timetable, pool availability and other circumstances.

I will endeavour to keep the web site and Facebook as up to date as possible (bear in mind I am at work during the day) , so please keep referring back and please check to ensure the session is running before attending.

I have been informed that King Edwards will be closing to hirers very shortly, but waiting for confirmation date, so as it stands, the planned session tonight (17th March) will be running as normal (7.30pm girls pool for training squad)

Once King Edwards has closed, we will be switching venues to Morris Centre on a Tuesday night and Friday night, although the timings will be different. Please check the web site calendar. I have also been informed that the Morris Centre are carrying out additional cleaning of the changing rooms and poolside and gym, on top of usual cleaning routines.

All swim camps have been cancelled - so those planning on going to West Bromwich on Sunday 22nd March - do not attend, it is not running. Come to training instead.

All those attending Loughborough camp on 6th April - this has also been cancelled - so do not attend, come training instead.

I am still waiting a decision on British Para Internationals in Sheffield. Swim England have isssued a list of cancelled forthcoming competitions and this is currently NOT on the list and is still showing as a live event. I do strongly suspect it will be cancelled but no decision has yet been made. I suspect we will hear before the end of the day.

I am also awaiting a decision on Leicester inclusive meet scheduled for 17th May. I will keep you informed as soon I as I know.

I have attached a land training session that everyone can have a go at.

You can do it home and please feel free to adapt it to meet your own stamina and abilities. Those who cannot attend swim session or prefer not to, you can complete this land training session once a day, to help keep your fitness levels up. Those off school/college and have itchy feet, you can also do this session.

Those swimmers with rollers, you can do your roller work for at least 10 minutes every day (parents, you can tell them that I said so!) Those without rollers, it maybe worth purchasing one, or if you can get down to the Morris Centre, I have no objection if you wish to borrow one and then return it when you come back to swimming. If not returned though, you will be charged for the cost of replacing it.

I also have some skipping ropes available, if anyone wishes to borrow one of those to take home and use, again, it will need to be returned but may help to keep swimmers, who cannot or do not wish to attend, busy.

I understand that some parents do not wish to attend, and you know your children best. Some of our swimmers do have underlying conditions and those swimmers are advised to stay at home, in line with government guidance. I know it is difficult period for everyone and I truly and deeply wish everyone to keep healthy and safe.

If you are ill or showing signs of illness - please do not attend any sessions. Please be vigilant, shower before entering the pool, wash you hands on a regular basis and be safe.

Current advice from Swim England (who have taken advice from the government) is that training at swim clubs can continue in our own environments. Chlorine kills the virus, so as long as good hygiene is observed, then all should be good

We will continue to follow Government and Swim England guidelines and will keep you advised of any further develommets.


PS - just a reminder to get your entries in for Len Badcock meet - this is still planned to be running.